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How soon will my property rent?

This depends on a number of factors like time of year, simplicity of the home, price, allowing dogs, etc.

When will I get paid?

Owner statements are closed on the 10th of every month, when statements post money is sent to your bank account on file. Depending on your bank this can take a few days to clear. If tenants move in after the 10th of the month you will be paid the prorated amount and the full month's rent the next month.

Do I leave the washer and dryer?

Unless you have an incredibly unique system that custom fits your property it is best to not leave behind the washer and dryer. We rent higher end single family homes, so many of our applicants already have a washer and dryer. If they are left behind you are responsible for any repairs, just a basic service call to see what is wrong with the machine is $125+ then repairs would be on top of that. Other things to think about is not providing a washer and dryer means if one floods or catches on fire it could be tenant responsibility.

Should I provide landscaping?

We perform multiple yard inspections a year which means we are keeping up on notifying tenants when yards need more attention. Providing landscaping will not increase the rent amount we can advertise. Also, some will not apply for the home as they do not want strangers in their yard. If the potential tenant works from home this can be tricky as they have no control over when lawn mowers will be running outside while they make business calls or do zoom meetings.

Can I leave my curtains, welcome mat, cleaning supplies, yard tools, etc?

Removal of all personal belongings is imperative to making the home safe and rent ready. Curtain rods should be left behind so tenants can hang their own. All other items create potential hazards from tripping to poisoning.

Should I allow dogs at my property?

Allowing dogs increases how many people will look at your home. In our area it is said that 7-8 out of 10 homes have dogs. We do pet screening through a 3rd party vendor, we charge an extra deposit and pet rent. Pet rent increases your monthly rent income. A minimum of 2 internal inspections a year are completed as well, so if a pet were to be causing damage we could catch it early and help redirect the tenants. ESA/Service animals are not pets and must be permitted due to Fair Housing Laws. As a rule we do not allow cats to qualify for pets.

Are the tenants required to have insurance?

The simple answer is yes, they do. We track to make sure the policy is up to date and has a minimum of $100,000 of coverage.

When will I get notified about a tenant's renewal?

Our team will reach out to you prior to offering a tenant renewal option. This typically happens between 60-45 days prior to the tenants lease end. Remember when agreeing to a renewal offer that you have one chance to get them to renew, negotiating is not an option due to Fair Housing.

Will I get updates when the house is on the market?

Our team will reach out to you weekly with updates on the status of your marketed rental home. This usually happens by the end of the day on Wednesday’s.  

What do you screen new tenants based on?

See https://www.blueskyhomes.com/rentals. You can read all of our screening criteria there, it is updated as laws change.

Will I be able to help pick my new tenant?

Due to the delicate nature of Fair Housing laws we use the screening criteria and process with a thorough screening to determine if a tenant is eligible to rent your home. You will be notified after the lease is signed and the tenants have paid their deposit.  

What does rent ready look like?


What is the Resident Benefits Package?

See RBP form.

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