October 4, 2023

Preventative Maintenance at Your Rental Home

Maintaining your property not only helps maximize your rental income, but it also increases the overall value.

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One of the many ways Blue Sky Homes actively manages your home is with annual preventative maintenance. Deferred maintenance frequently leads to increased damages and multiplies the costs of repairs.  Maintaining your property not only helps maximize your rental income, but it also increases the overall value. 

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Inspection completed by a maintenance technician, HVAC inspection, fireplace inspections, dryer vent cleaning, seasonal irrigation service. 

Why would I want Preventative Maintenance? 

Blue Sky Homes strives to have well maintained homes and work to help limit surprise maintenance issues come up. By doing these things we reduce the likelihood of a fire due to a dryer vent, leaking fridge lines and more.  The inspections are designed to help you plan for when paint will be needed or what is the life of the HVAC system. 

When is Preventative Maintenance completed?  

The different services will be spaced out throughout the year depending on vendors schedules.  

According to Google, rental home maintenance is approximately 1-4% of the home's value each year.  This means if your rental home is worth $400,000 you should expect to spend anywhere from $4000-$16,000 a year on repairs.  However with preventative maintenance those numbers come way down as we are able to take care of things like a loose faucet by tightening it before it becomes a leaking faucet that floods the bathroom and costs to renovate.  In my 10 years of management experience these inspections have helped owners save thousands of dollars.

Inspection details

(this is in addition to all the other inspections Blue Sky Homes does each year)

  • Completed by a maintenance technician. 
  • A photographed inspection with an expert eye to add notes like life of the paint, flooring, etc. 
  • Clean the dryer vent
  • Check furnace filters
  • Change high light bulbs 
  • Check all smoke alarms including noting dates on inspection
  • Tighten faucets

Dryer vent cleaning: 

Will be completed when the maintenance technician is in the home to cut down on trip costs. 


The system will be checked and inspected by an HVAC technician, your portal will have a full report on the condition of the system. 

Many of the HVAC issues that have come up recently could have been avoided and/or budgeted for better if the owner knew the condition of the unit prior to it becoming a larger issue. If not inspected and cleaned yearly some warranties will no longer cover repairs. 

Fireplace inspections: 

If you have a wood burning fireplace this will include chimney cleaning, if it is a gas unit it will be inspected by a gas fireplace technician and a report will be loaded into your portal. 


In the spring the system is turned on, checked for leaks and programmed.  In the fall the system is turned off and lines are blown out.  Only exception to this service is if the HOA covers this service. 

Cost on the Preventative Maintenance will depend on if there is anything additional in the home that will need to be done while the maintenance vendor is there.  Like tightening faucets, changing out batteries in smoke detectors that are too tall for a tenant to reach, etc.  The HVAC and fireplace inspections are also TBD depending on how much cleaning or repairs need to be done while they are at the home.  Having work done while the vendor is on-sight can often save you additional trip charges.  If anything is over $500 you will be notified and given options before the repair is done, unless it is an emergency situation. 

To see recent tenant care inspections they can be found in your owner portal under documents.  Once the above inspections are completed they will also be uploaded to your portal.

Karin Mitchell
Karin Mitchell
Lead Property Manager
Nearly two decades of experience helping owners and tenants with beautiful rental homes.
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