October 4, 2023

Rent Ready Rental tips

We have put together a list of items that make a home rent-ready to help you understand our process.

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At Blue Sky Homes we have put together a list of items that make a home rent ready to help you understand our process. Some of these items can be done throughout turnovers.  For example: If there are a lot of paint colors but the paint is in good condition we don’t need to do that right away. The home should be clean, walls and floors should be free of stains/holes and everything left in the home should be in good working condition. 


Ideally only a couple of neutral tones should be in the home.  This makes it attractive to a larger number of high quality tenants.  A full fresh repaint should be a priority with a new rental as it allows us to track tenant damage easier and charge them for damage if needed.  Touch up paint is the only personal item that should be left behind. 

Window treatments

Blinds or curtain rods should be on each window in the home unless it has privacy glass.  Curtains should be removed, tenants can add their own and then these won't need to be cleaned or replaced between tenants.  

Washer and Dryer

Unless you have a very unique set up it is best to provide only the hookups for washer and dryer.  If the washer and dryer are left behind you are required to maintain them or replace them if there are issues.  To have a tech look at them if the tenant reports an issue is around $100.  Most people in single family homes have their own so this does not increase the rent rate. 


Should be clean, in good working condition, drawers/shelves in good condition and the water line should not be hooked up.  The number one leak in rentals is refrigerator lines and our lease requires tenants to keep them unplugged. 


All basic kitchen appliances should be included, clean and in good working order.  Matching appliances are a plus for attracting quality tenants. 

Garage remotes

Tenants can get their own universal remotes, if your remotes are included with the rental and need repair you will be responsible to repair them for the tenants.  If you have remotes that go to the home we can store them for you so no one gains unauthorized access. 


All locks on the home should be matching and our office will need 4 keys to make the home rent ready.  If 4 keys are not available we will make copies at your expense.  Mailbox and HOA access keys can be included as well if you have them, we do not need multiple copies of these. 


The system should be functional, being inspected yearly and repaired as needed.  No leaks, strange noises or fuse issues.  We do make tenants responsible for the filters and this is checked in our inspections.  Therefore the filter should be new when the tenant moves in. All other maintenance will be at your expense. 

Alarms/Ring doorbell

It is ideal to have these things removed if they are in the home as it can deter people from applying if they are concerned about who might be monitoring their coming and going. 


Easy to maintain grass, rock, basic bushes and trimmed trees are all great for rentals.  When landscaping gets complicated it is harder to make the tenants responsible for the upkeep.  Gardens if not properly maintained create bug and rodent issues so it is best to remove them as a part of the rent ready process.  Providing landscaping to the lease is not recommended as it will deter some from applying for the home as tenants don’t always like strangers in their yard.  It does not increase the rental amount to have landscaping provided. If provided you have to keep up to make sure the landscaper is doing their job consistently as well as keeping up on their licensing and insurance. 


Should all be matching, in clean and good condition.  

Personal items

Items even down to toilet paper should be removed from the home.  It is tempting to leave things like doormats and maybe even fertilizer or a lawn mower.  However, anything you leave behind you must maintain and if someone were to get injured you could be liable.

A home that has aged and is still clean with everything functional will rent before a newer home that is not as well maintained.  With all the building going on around the valley we are often up against brand new homes for rent. 

We are looking forward to helping you with your rental home and finding you the best tenants possible.

Karin Mitchell
Karin Mitchell
Lead Property Manager
Nearly two decades of experience helping owners and tenants with beautiful rental homes.
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